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Does anyone happen to have Flash CS6 for Windows?

2014-04-29 01:27:09 by Ristarfruit

I know that moderators and such don't like for posts of this sort to be on Newgrounds, but I wanted to ask anyway. I really wish to get started in animating, but I have no tools. I've tried all of the free online animation software, but they can't exactly give me what I need.

If anyone has a copy of Flash CS6 for Windows Vista that they could share, please let me know through private message.


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2014-04-29 02:49:55

ill help you with that glll!!!


2014-04-29 03:40:31

You should be aware of the random crashes though.
I have it and I recommend you to save every 30 minutes and make backups.

Ristarfruit responds:

I know, I used the trial version of the program before. It worked rather well on my computer; I didn't experience many issues, but I'll take your word for it.

I tried getting a rom before, but everytime I opened one, the tools would lock up. How should I install Flash?


2014-04-29 15:50:44

I would have no idea on why the tools would lock up.
Do you have any previous Flash versions on your PC?

I normally put Flash on my PC after a fresh OS install. Works everytime.

Ristarfruit responds:

I don't think that I have any versions of Flash on my PC. I did have the CS5 trial, but it was way past its expiration date, so I uninstalled it.

I'm also kind of squeamish about downloading Flash software from web domains such as Torrentz or Softonic. The last time that I downloaded something from those sorts of domains and opened it my computer got a virus.